The World's First Healer Condom -

JIMY the World's First Healer Condom

The first condom able to treat vaginal soft tissue infection and headaches

Our condom enriches the life of its users with our most valuable asset: health

Unique in the World and MADE IN ITALY, JIMY® CONDOM has regular intellectual protection (PATENTED), complies with the laws and regulations in force and is in possession of the necessary authorizations for production and marketing (CE Mark). The patented idea covers and provides both (i) personal lubricants and (ii) a new manufacturing method (for male and female condoms) to reduce costs production


Sex is better than a medicine and more enjoyable than any conventional therapy. But good sexual health is achieved not only through accurate information, correct decisions and regular medical checkups, but also by using the right tools like our healer condom. Finally a new idea in the design, production and sales of condoms, able to revolutionize the whole sector has arrived: the first condom as a “curative sex tool”. While the focus of laboratory research in recent years has been on new condom materials that can improve “sexual contact” during intercourse by providing heightened sensations and performance, we have been working on a more innovative project: a breaking-edge solution that expands the traditional idea of condoms as a contraceptive and protective device against Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) into a “curative sex tool”. Our condom will not only aid in curing and treating women with vaginal dryness, burning, itching and other fastidious soft tissue infections of the genital tract, in fact, but will also help boost our weakened immune system.

Our healer condom represents a totally revolutionary method of application at the twin levels of vaginal mucus and uterus. Of course JIMY® works also for anal soft tissue infections.

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Our invention discloses a bacteriostatic water-soluble personal lubricant and a preparation method thereof, and a condom using the lubricant. The compact water-soluble personal lubricant has good compatibility with body fluid naturally secreted by the human body and causes no greasy feeling; the pH value of the compact water-soluble personal lubricant is consistent with that of the normal physiological environment of the female vagina; the lubricant has an inhibiting effect on Candida Albicans, Gardnerella Vaginalis, Herpes Simplex, Mycetes, Bacteria and the like and does not damage vaginal beneficial bacteria (LACTOBACILLUS DO DÖDERLEIN), therefore, the lubricant can inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria in the female reproductive system, maintain the balance of the microorganism environment of the female vagina, keep the reproductive system healthy, enable women to be away from gynecological diseases, and control the spread of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) in the crowd.

The normal addition of excipients means our lubricant facilitates the body’s slow and constant absorption of the “natural substances” contained in it counteracting the infections in an appropriate and targeted way.


JIMY® Condom, which has all the positive features of anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial properties, not only contrasts the free-radicals originated within the epithelium, but also has a toning effect on the normal tropism of the vaginal mucus, restoring correct consistency, thickness and elasticity to its cells, while also protecting the immune system as a whole.

Our condom contains in its lubricant natural substances (DRUG FREE) able to:

  1. improve intimate hygiene and infections: JIMY®  prevents and treats, with its anti-inflammatory action, the most common pathologies that can be found inside the mucosal epithelium: fungi, bacterial and viral infections, dryness, burning and itching;
  2. slow-down the aging of the uro-genital apparatus: the condom acts as a reconstitution of normal mucosal trophism. The lubricant restores the right turgidity, thickness and elasticity to the cells; its anti-oxidant action fights the free radicals produced by the epithelium slowing its natural deterioration;
  3. increase the natural immune defenses: with its anti-bacterial action the condom increases and improves the local defenses of our body acting as a real “physical barrier” against those bacterial agents that cause flu, colds and headaches.

With absolutely no side effects or health risks.


Thanks to our team’s skills, an innovative condom lubricant that goes beyond the latest research frontiers in the condom Industry has been created so that, nowadays, condoms can be thought of not only as (i) contraceptive instrument and a (ii) tool protection from Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) and HIV but, finally, also used as an (iii) instrument of protection and treatment of genital infections, and even more: JIMY® is an health tool  that strengthens our whole immune system.

Today the disorders linked to the vaginal apparatus are treated by pharmacology through the use of vaginal ovules to avoid hormonal therapies aimed in replacing the lack of estrogens; compared with ordinary condom usage our condom JIMY® represents a new method of administration and care completely natural.

Our idea represents a completely new method of application on the vaginal (and anal) mucus. While it is true that we employ the usual materials (e.g.: latex, polyurethane, polyisoprene) as well as new generation materials, what distinguishes our condoms from all the others is its lubricant. Our JIMY® condom responds precisely and fully to another real and ever-present necessity: not only does it diminish, but it also prevents the most common soft tissue illnesses. This is the access key able to motivate the general public to use condoms more willingly.


Our aim is to communicate a very simple concept both to the general public and to condom users: sex is better than medicine and nicer than any other conventional therapies. Our message is not intended to “drive” people to use our condom but, more simply, to convey the message that sexual intercourse with the use of proper devices not only is able to protect from STIs, but also to treat, cure and improve our urogenital and immune system as a whole.

Since their invention the role of condoms has been underestimated: generally seen as devices diminishing sexual pleasure rather than as protection from diseases and infections; therefore considered more like a “third wheel” of a couple instead of being considered a friend. We are creating special marketing strategies dealing with the cultural aspects involved in condom use. Significant networks promoting the distribution and use of our “healthy condom” in target locations where the risk of infectious diseases and illness is high are already in the pipeline.


To prevent incorrect nutrition (mainly caused by an uncontrolled number of births) and the spread and transmission of HIV, until today many initiatives have been launched by local governments and international organisations, unfortunately with unsatisfactory results. Our aim is to change the mentality of those people, women and men, who continue to have numerous children and persistently avoid the use of any contraceptive.

The use of our condom as a “curative device”, today creates the opportunity of transforming this dangerous attitude into a more positive approach in using it.  We have created a condom that is considered not only a “protective device”, but also a “cure and health treatment”, a proper and real friend of the couple.


We have already collected significant data and information regarding where and which habits and cultural factors constitute cultural barriers to the widespread and the correct use of condoms.

Consequently, we are working on a suitable information campaign that will enable us to distribute our condoms widely with the support of international private organisations (e.g.: Doctors Without Borders and Mission Aviation Fellowship), the aim of which is to provide significant sanitary aid, rapid medical assistance and prompt and proper disclosure of information regarding the most simple, functional and cheapest devices (contraceptive tools and vaccinations), especially in those areas of the world where the right to medical care cannot be taken completely for granted.


We have created  a new “sex tool” with absolutely no side effects or health risks and which is composed of “natural ingredients”.

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Andrea Colani


the father of the idea THE HEALER CONDOM. Andrea is a professional in the field of architecture. During his design and renovation work for several important Italian and foreign (Africa) hospitals, he got the opportunity in illustrating his idea to a team of gynecologists. Thanks to the first positive outcome Andrea convinced himself in following through with his idea.


Paolo Rizzi


an international business lawyer who, during his work experience abroad, has established and maintained important international network between foreign law firms and governmental institutions. Thanks to his developing work, lasted more than three years, Paolo is considered the real creator of  JIMY ® CONDOM. He  realized a constant and patient work of comparison and updating with gynechologists and condoms’ manufacturers. In March 2016 Paolo met Andrea for legal advice related to Andrea’s professional field. The architect decided to go into partnership with the lawyer utilizing his business network and the ability in developing and organizing Jimy project.


Vincenzo Santaniello


a professional with thirty years of experience into the GDO (Big Organised Distribution), Pharmacies and Parapharmacies, at the beginning as Marketing Manager and, subsequently as Branchs Commercial Director. From 2013 Founder of CO-BIG, an italian Company that develops activities with high added value, building networks between italian and foreign business excellence focusing on the promotion of their business activities. Vincenzo is active into Food and Pharmacies markets for the development and launch of new products primarily medical devides and tools, such as, condoms and vaginal ovules. University Professor at BICOCCA (Milan University) and the University of Florence as: